Well hello there!
   I grew up in the Midwest and learned photography together with my family and in classrooms. I mostly spent those years and most of my life in front of the computer, and it's been quite a fun life so far.
I have performed a lot of creative projects and continuously innovated on top of those. It's been awesome and I love doing it.
At a certain point the precious moments we capture the more moments we forget. 
Photography is a good hobby for me to expand my mind by thinking creatively by exploring the world as built by engineers, and how nature influences it.
I have a ton of people to thank for allowing me to study this together with them, and I think you know who you are.

Artist Statement
Driven to venture into the unknown to push the boundaries of Visual Arts, where natural creative talent was put to the test at an early age and honed to surpass such hurdles as the conquest into graphic design and print production, Phil has risen in intellect that has evolved into a multi talented burst of ingenuity ready the 21st century. 
While working on teams and learning the design industry from a business standpoint, and making the transition into web design and marketing, his relevant relationship with computer software and hardware has provided him with the skills needed to perform exceptionally in the workforce, but can it be transitioned into a more traditional form of human communication…art. 
There seems to be a great divide primarily in the education world and even in the real world, of the humanic artists versus the scientific designers. It’s a bit odd since they basically use the same tools to create works of art, but what if of most interest here is figuring out if someone can be meld both sides. 
Typically, most people start off by being artists before designers, but can someone like him who started out as a designer make the transition into the art world, and be able to support a sustainable life? 
Attempting such an endeavor has been a test for which has pushed him into uncomfortable situations to capture his life through photographing the Pacific Northwest, for which the natural environment provides very little wiggle room for control over the artwork versus what he is most comfortable with : a blank canvas.
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